Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Frazer Fir, White Pine Christmas Tree Farm.

 Blue Spruce Christmas Trees in field

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Christmas Trees

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Evergreen Trees up to 9'- 16'+ ask about these larger sizes

Choose Evergreen trees here near Waynesboro, Virginia, an easy country drive on I-64 from Charlottesville, VA in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Make an outing to our scenic country Christmas tree farm a part of your Christmas season! Pick out one of the nicest Spruce Christmas Trees in Virginia! This year, we have the nicest Blue Spruce trees ever.


 Everything we sell is grown right here on our tree farm at Hickory Hill Pines in Fishersville, VA. We proudly have lots of  repeat customers who have been coming here many years for their Christmas trees.


Pines do well all over Virginia, preferring loamy soil over red clay. Fast Growing


WHITE PINE: Limited quantity

White Pine- Cut to 6' - 9'+ $35. If you are looking for a really big cut tree, we have some natural looking White Pines up to like 18', and maybe even taller. We don't shear them once they get this big, so there is a lot of space between branches, but we usually have some available for the same $35 price! As of  December 12, 2010- Sheared White Pines are almost sold out, supplies of Spruce trees are adequate.

Long soft green needles.

pine christmas tree

SCOTCH PINE: Good Selection

Cut only. Sizes available to 8'+ $35

Stiffer needles. Excellent needle retention

Scotch Pine Christmas Tree


Our Blue Spruce Christmas trees are very popular. 

Spruce do well all over Virginia, tolerating just about any reasonable soil conditions. 

BLUE "Colorado" SPRUCE:
Very Good Selection all sizes

Among the most beautiful Christmas trees found anywhere.  Most Blue Spruce are from seedlings, which have genetic color variations from bluer - greener.  Slow growing, they require extra years of labor, so cost a bit more. 

Blue Spruce- Cut to 10'++. $65 and worth every penny! Choose and cut. If you need really big, tall Cut Christmas Trees, we also have some much taller Blue spruce that are natural, unsheared trees that have grown too big for us to reach to shear up to 12' or possibly a lot taller. These huge trees are scattered thorough the nursery, and if you take the time to search them out, you can find a huge tree for the price.

Short stiff needles.

Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

"HOOPSI" Blue Spruce

Too small for Christmas trees. Grafted landscape trees prized for outstanding Blue color, Not symmetrical as seedling Blue Spruce. Consistently Blue (Bluish White, really).

Blue short stiff needles.


Norway Spruce- Cut to  9'+ $65. Limited Selection, except we have a few very tall natural looking Norways

The hardiest spruce, indeed the toughest trees we grow, thriving even in hard red clay. Faster growing then Blue Spruce. Among the nicest spruce Christmas Trees.

Short softer green needles.

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

WHITE SPRUCE: Good Selection

$65 Choose & Cut, these are outstanding Christmas trees, but they tend to drop needles worse than any other Spruce we've ever grown. I recommend waiting till after December 10 to cut them. If you have had any experience with White Spruce you bought from us, we'd like to hear how they did..

Short softer green needles.


Fir trees hold their needles extremely well after cutting. Your cut fir tree will probably still look fresh till March!

But they say Fir Trees prefer high altitude...

Well, yes, but we have some nice ones growing here. Remember ALL TREES WE SELL WERE GROWN RIGHT HERE AT HICKORY HILL PINES in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.

I don't know how well Fir Trees would do in hotter dryer summers on the Charlottesville/Richmond side of the Blue Ridge. Firs don't like extremely hot and dry, but keeping it watered will help avoid heat / drought related stress, as would providing a little shade and wind break. They prefer loamy soil over heavy clay.

Firs have short soft needles.

FRAZER FIR: Limited Selection, but we do have a few very tall natural looking Frazers for the same price. 

Frazer Fir- Cut sizes to 7'+ $65. 
(Some over 12' tall natural looking for the same price, we'll need you to ask where these are since they are on back or our tree farm)

SKINNY FIR: We also have a good selection of rather skinny Fir trees that look very nice if you are looking for a nice skinny Christmas tree. If you want a skinny Christmas tree, ask us to where they are when you get here. If you want a big fat tree, consider Blue Spruce instead.


Outstanding Tangeriney Scent! 
We have a couple over 12' tall natural looking for the same $65 price, we'll need you to ask where when you get here these are since they are on back or our tree farm


Canaan Fir- Up to about 11' +, $65, these are getting popular


Don't grow very nicely here since they like higher elevations.


Don't grow very nicely here since they like higher elevations either. My job would be so much easier if some of these darn Fir trees weren't so darn fussy!

Larger Trees-

White Pine, Norway Spruce, Frazer* Firs and Concolor* Firs,  Scotch Pine, unsheared, almost 16', if you don't mind them being unsheared with a loose natural appearance, they are the same price as regular sheared Christmas trees..

*Only a few very tall firs are left


Other Plants:

What about Rhododendron???

We used to specialize in them... I thought I was involved in a partnership...

My advice to anyone in any kind of a business partnership:


so you have control over your own business, your own assets, and your own future


Rhododendron??? OH MY, No longer... 

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Orange County Farm for Sale in Northern Virginia

Trees are for sale weekdays by appointment only 

by Ned the big slow wheelchair guy. Email or call ahead weekdays 
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